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Outstanding restaurant. Zagat rated as top Korean and top vegetarian.
Went for dinner and ordered the Emporer's tasting menu. Great experience.
Great food and outstanding service.

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Lunch specials are WAY cheaper than dinner ($10 vs. $25), but the food doesn't seem as high in quality and the restaurant is empty so you don't get the full dining experience.

For lunch, I had a spicy tofu and veggie soup with rice, which was good, but I wouldn't say it was spectacular. It was mostly cabbage, tomato broth, and the tofu was soft, which isn't my favorite--especially in soup. I also had the steamed dumplings with nut filling for an appetizer, and this was phenomenal.

For dinner, I had the rice cakes w/ mixed veggies, which was okay but I thought the "rice cake" texture was a bit odd (I'm not really used to Korean food). The cakes were big chunks of glutenous rice flour or something, but the sauce and veggies were good. A friend ordered the Mongolian tofu, which I sampled and thought was phenomenal.

The restaurant is absolutely beautiful and the service is impeccable. Definitely a great place to bring a date or bring folks skeptical of the quality of vegan food.

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For ambience and novelty-value alone, Hangawi stands apart. It's a completely different dining experience, with submerged seating (sans shoes). I found the prices to be low considering the atmosphere and the unusual nature of the food (vegan Korean joints aren't exactly common). All of the dishes were delicious, from the mushroom pancakes to the tofu stone pot. Their vegan cheesecake was also delectable. This is a great place to take a date or to simply eat healthy, tasty food in large portions.

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hangawi is a great vegan restaurant. the food is very clean and tasty. i love to go there for special dinners like birthdays, mother's day.. i've taken vegans, non vegans and family there and they all love it. the atmosphere is serene and you can really take off your shoes and relax. pricey but worth it.

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This place has been around a few years, and it's still very good. Consistency is typically the bane of good restaurants, but this place has managed to keep up their good work. Quality is good, and the seasonal specialties are good. This past winter, there was a squash noodle soup (hobak kalkuksoo) that was to die for. Also, their sweet & sour mushroom (busut tangsooyuk) has always been impeccable the last 4 times we've been there.

They have a great tea selection, and do serve the more esoteric Korean liquors. They are imported, and rarely seen outside of traditional Korean restaurants. They even had makkuli, which is more of a country/rural alcoholic beverage.

The place has an irritating faux Zen atmosphere that keeps most Koreans away (mainly the music & weird uniforms). It is very expensive, and lunch is not that much cheaper than dinner. The service is mediocre for a place that charges as much as it does.

Take out lunch menu is now available for 2003. Prices are cheaper. All entrees are under $10 (which means $9.99 before tax!). Note that you must come pick it up OR they deliver within a 5 block radius.

I've taken Hangawi down to 8 because I think they have become too much of a rip off. They nickel and dime you, and even charge for a bowl of rice. This is unheard of in Korean restaurants. I believe they started their take out lunch menu because they are not getting a lot of customers at lunch. At lunch time, they are very, very dead. It has become a tourist destination, and they are only busy during dinner time. I will go there on very special occassions, maybe once or twice a year from now on. In my opinion, there are better places for less than half the cost of Hangawi.

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Hangawi is a great place to go to in New York. It's a great contrast to the hectic pace of Manhattan, and the food is delicious.

Everything I've had there has been good, but I'd strongly recommend the porridge appetizers, as well as the mung bean pancakes.

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