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They make wonderfully creative pizzas, and now offer Daiya or homemade rinotta at no extra cost. They also have a new parking lot.
I give it five stars because it is the only place in St. Paul with vegan brunch entrees, to my knowledge. Tofu scramble is basic but very good flavor. Tomato florentine is luxurious, almost too much flavor. They have breakfast pizzas you can sub tofu, but haven't tried them. And the apple quinoa pancakes are amazing (and vegan).
$1 mimosas are also vegan :)

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This is a great place for vegan pizza. I typically get the fresh veggie pizza, either with rinotta or with just the sauce and veggies. I also like the rustler and the lil' Gracie. The garden salad is really good too—lots of fresh veggies and you can order it with a superb white balsamic dressing. Be sure to mention that you're vegan when you order the salad and they'll get you bread with the right kind of spread on it.

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We love pizza luce...we never had it before going vegan so we can't compare. But this is the BEST vegan pizza we've had, hands down. I think I boil it down to the rinotta cheese mix on top...fabulous. We get it with lots of toppings (and we also get the garlic 'cheese' toast appetizer-YUM!). We used to love it even more before they found out their 'veggie meat crumbles' were not vegan. Those were tasty, and unfortunately they haven't found a sub for it yet. This meant that all items containing this are no longer vegan (like the biscuits and gravy), etc. So you might read some reviews before this change happened, but they might not still be avail. Regardless, it's delicious and their service is great. Very knowledgeable on what is and isn't vegan. The menu also states what is and isn't vegan. Overall, we love this place and crave it! Parking is kind of a pain too.

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the best pizza I have ever eaten (including when I still ate meat and cheese!). Pizza Luce is a must. had the Lil' Gracie and have been craving it ever since. It was very clean and the wait staff was excellent.

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Atmosphere: 3.5
Fairly clean, the layout isn't bad. Very cafe-like and informal. They get bonus points for having interesting props (for example very large cans of "food" on which they perch the pizzas).

Service: 3.5
They can be a little slow on the uptake at times, but not too bad, for the most part. One of the servers we had there was very good at paying attention to what we needed, despite being on the opposite side of the restaurant.

Food: 4.0
I'm not terribly big on pizza, but the food here is pretty good. There are quite a few things which can be made vegan upon request, or already are vegan. The pizzas can be pricey if you get more than a couple of toppings (and they have some irresistible toppings). The spinach salad is delicious and fresh.

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Parking can be tough. But I'm glad that Pizza Luce finally opened within delivery distance from Hamline University.

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We had the Lil' Gracie with rinotta "cheese." I thought it was delicious, parking in this area is great, would go again.

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Updated June 14, 2009

We've been back to this Pizza Luce location at least four times since my first review (which is still below). We tend to hit the Uptown or Seward locations more. My wife and I have come to the conclusion that if you want a vegan pizza from Pizza Luce that you should not come to this location. I don't think they get many vegan orders and therefore do not get the practice.

We're giving this a 1-start because in comparison to other Luce locations (including Duluth) this is the worst one. A few reasons range that rinotta / soy cheese is charged for a premium topping whereas Uptown and Seward "forget" the extra charge. They are taking off the other cheese to substitute with a vegan replacement. For instance, our last Uptown vegan pizza was $19.50 (with the $2 off coupon) and our last St. Paul vegan pizza was $26.25 (with the $2 off coupon).

Also, the St. Paul location forgets to put on toppings like the fake pepperoni on the Lil' Gracie the last night and is far too sparse with rinotta or soy cheese. The crust is always variable at this location. The last one was paper thin in the middle and over an inch thick at the edge.

So if you want a vegan pizza from Pizza Luce, I recommend hitting a different location.


Old review April 8, 2008

Recently decided to have try the hoagies instead of the pizza. My wife and I ordered the vegan cheesy garlic toast (they make it vegan by omitting butter). It was quite good, with the cheese melting well and the red sauce for dipping was savory. It was nicely toasted and was a great app.

The hoagies were great. I ordered the mock muffeleta which was very good and a bit spicy which was great. My wife had the mock sausage parmigiana which had a nice savory taste.

I'd probably pay the additional charge to substitute a garden salad instead of getting the potato chips that come with the hoagies since mine was a bit salty due to all the olives.

The wait staff seem totally okay when ordering things vegan. All in all a good experience at Luce's.

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I finally visited the St. Paul location of Pizza Luce, but wasn't as impressed with it as I am with the others in the Twin Cities. In terms of parking and interior space (along with a bar), the St. Paul location beats the Uptown one, but for pure atmosphere, I would prefer the downtown Minneapolis or Seward branches.

I came here for brunch and was somewhat disappointed by my meal. I had the tofu scramble ($8.99) but it lacked flavor, and seemed to missing at least one or two crucial ingredients. Adding salt and black pepper didn't help. My friend, who also had the tofu scramble, agreed with me. We both also compared this scramble to the one at the downtown Minneapolis branch; the downtown location's version bursts with flavor and is probably the best tofu scramble in the Twin Cities, whereas the St. Paul branch served up a sleepy, boring, bland dish.

The service was friendly and prompt as I've always come to expect at any Pizza Luce. I'd go to the St. Paul branch for pizza or maybe a drink at the bar, but not for brunch again.

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I really enjoy eating at this location of Pizza Luce, except when I am seated by the window. (There are huge windows at the front, and it gets very cold there in the winter.)

I always enjoy pizza luce, because at least half of their pizzas are vegetarian. Of course, I always get the same thing: mashed potato pizza. It's the best pizza in the whole world!

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I used to go to the Pizza Luce in Downtown Minneapolis until I discovered I was gluten intolerant. I thought that was the end of my pizzeria days, but not so anymore. The St. Paul location has started a Gluten Free mneu and has already expanded it from just on Tuesdays to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. My gluten free brother and I couldn't resist stopping by to check it out.
The crusts, which are also vegan, come from the Cooqi bakery just down on Marshall and Cretin. They only come in the 10" size, so we each ordered our own pizza. I selected the "build your own" and chose roasted eggplant and mushroom pizza, half with rinotta and half with soy cheese. I also got vegan GF barbecue sauce drizzled over it. The combination was fantastic. I enjoyed the soy cheese more than the rinotta--I don't know if there was a vast flavor difference, but it seemed more cheesy and pizza like.
I could hardly stop at half the pizza, though I convinced myself to save the other half for lunch tomorrow. The downside of Pizza Luce is they still have limited vegan dessert options--I think a rice krispy bar is still the only option. We left to get dessert elsewhere.
The service was attentive, we had a very friendly waitress, and it was wonderful to know that they were trained and knowledgable about both veganism and gluten intolerance.

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tried the sunday brunch recently. for vegans, they offer tofu scramble with hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy, a portobello florentine and i think a breakfast burrito (not sure on that one). not bad. nice to have more brunch options. only sundays at this location.

too bad they play all that jazz..

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While I LOVE that Pizza Luce finally opened up in Saint Paul, I must say the vegan pizza is very hit or miss and more miss than hit -- at least for take out.

The spicy mock duck can range to be almost as good as Downtown's mock duck (never quite as flavorful or spicy) to horribly dried out and crispy/burned. The crust has also been an issue for me, over half the time it's undercooked so it is wafer-thin, kind of soggy and not very tasty. Once in a while, I'll get a fully cooked crust which is awesome and so so good.

The rinotta is pretty spot-on, my only complaint is the same with Downtown's Luce: the application of rinotta can range from thick and awesome to sparse and uneven.

I tried the vegan cheese bread in-restaurant once at this location, and it was fine -- gooey and melted and tasty which is all you could ask for in vegan cheese bread.

I just get the feeling that this location doesn't have enough vegan orders or vegan employees to understand the art of the vegan pizza. More than once I've encountered a completely confused response when trying to order a pizza "vegan", something I don't do except at places like Luce where the word should be understood.

Despite the lackluster food I've gotten, I go back again and again and again. Why? Because it's so freaking close to my house and even the crappiest Pizza Luce is 20-bazillion times better than any other cheeseless pizza I can get without going to Minneapolis.

Overall, I go here when I'm lazy but for what I believe is the best Luce -- Downtown Mpls still wins over all the other locations.

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Pretty much all of the Luce's are the same, but I really liked the design of this one. They have a bar, and it's got a more edgy feel than the others I've been to. Our server was great about the vegan thing.

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The St. Paul location of Pizza Luce just opened and I've been there twice already. Both times were quite pleasant, even though it was very busy. Be prepared to wait a while for a table. My dining partner and I happily sat at the bar where a friendly vegan comrade tended to us.

We ordered a large pizza with vegan cheese on it. Vegan soy cheese is considered a premium topping, which added well over $4.00 to the cost, but the amount of cheese on the pizza was embarrassingly small. My non-vegan friend, especially, was not impressed with that. But we both devoured a vegan chocolate peanut butter bar and wished we had each ordered our own instead of sharing one.

Until they tear the house next door down and turn it into more parking spaces, be prepared for an atrocious parking lot.

I'm looking forward to more visits to my new neighborhood Pizza Luce. I also plan to try out their pizza delivery.

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