Whole Foods Market

Manhattan, New York City


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This was my main shopping store when I lived in Manhattan. I loved it! I've been shopping at Whole Foods Market since 1990. I love Whole Foods Market! I love that there are still places where you can find organic and good quality food. I wish they only carried organic produce. I wish they didn't sell so many sweets. I wish they made all desserts sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan. But I realize that this is my world, and I'm grateful I can find most of what I need at WFM. They have made it easy for mainstream to get healthier food and bring more awareness. Kudos to them! And who am I to judge? Right? So I've shopped at WFMs in over 10 U.S.A. states and 2 countries. Thank you Whole Foods Market! The Gal @ http://www.thehealthydish.com/category/recipes/

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