Whole Foods Market

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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This WF is probably the most vegan friendly WF in the metroplex - well this one and Lakewood. They always have multiple tofu/veg options in the prepared foods section (including the hot foods bar). Vegan pizza, burgers (there's one with pineapples - YUM), and teriyaki bowls are always available. Always a few dessert options - I usually have 2-4 options when it comes to cake. A great to eat or just have coffee - the coffee bar has several dairy free milk options. It's the only place in town I can get a latte made with almond milk. :)

Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

rating star

Vegan pizza with great tasting DAIYA brand cheeze. Buy it by the slice for a quick lunch. It's by their pizza deli area. Also have vegan cupcakes and cake slices. Vegan and vegetarian pudding also available.

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