Whole Foods Market

Austin, Texas


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I've been shopping at Whole Foods Market since 1990. I love Whole Foods Market! I love that there are still places where you can find organic and good quality food. I wish they only carried organic produce. I wish they didn't sell so many sweets. I wish they made all desserts sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan. But I realize that this is my world, and I'm grateful I can find most of what I need at WFM. They have made it easy for mainstream to get healthier food and bring more awareness. And who am I to judge? Right? So I've shopped at WFMs in over 10 U.S.A. states and 2 countries. Thank you Whole Foods Market! The Gal @ ww.TheHealthyDish.com

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I have mixed feelings about whole foods. They started in Austin, and I remember visiting their very first store as a little girl. That means something to me. They have amazing quality and variety of food. They serve gourmet delicacies, both prepared and packaged. They stick to their philosophy about everything they purchase. They carefully pick who they buy from, and support farmers switching to healthy growing methods. They treat their employees well. You can drink a beer while you shop for groceries. BUT they are expensive. Extremely expensive. Eating there is eating out. Their counter pasta restaurant, for example, is as expensive as a fine dining restaurant (without the tipping part). And they are a huge chain. I encourage you to think about where you shop as much as what you shop for.

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A must try for every vegan or vegetarian. Extensive variety of interesting vegan and vegetarian food ready to eat at the store or take home.

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