Rusty's Market

Cairns, Australia


rating star

Rusty's is amazing. Don't miss it if yo are in the city Friday Sunday. All the fruit is delicious. If you are a traveler/tourist you have an opportunity to eat some very special unique fruits like custard apple, black zapote, durian, dragon fruit, lychee, red paw paw, and lady fingers.

There is a great place to get high quality bread, called Brumby's. There is also a nice juice bar, and one time I saw a raw food dessert vendor (who was really friendly and had great homemade food)!!! There is one place t get vegetarian samosas and another to get sticky rice cakes. I highly recommend the small, dark purple plums, the white peaches, and black grapes. And the kiwis!!!

This place has cheaper and fresher fruit and TONS of variety! Most significant, it is not corporately owned by Woolworth's and Cole's and other coercive supermarkets.

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