Gaura Nitai's Hare Krishna Vegetarian Restaurant

Cairns, Australia


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This restaurant is amazing. The food is so different and delicious. In contrast to the usual spicy Indian food, they offer both sweet and savory meals that totally blew me away. The spinach balls and veg curry and dals are especially good.

The Sunday Night Love Feast is an amazing deal. The food is the most delicious I have ever had and all of it for $4 (half of the combos contains dairy so please let them know if you're vegan)! What makes it even better is the cultural experience before dinner. Usually there are different attendants and tourists each time, you also have an opportunity to chat with some friendly, interesting people while you eat.

There was a show done on Animal Voices about the Krishna's and Animal Rights (if your interested ) and one of the Tech people gave it mad props.

Being that it is reasonably priced and the only fully veg restaurant in the city, I highly recommend checking it out.

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