Whole Foods Market

Saint Louis, Missouri


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We are really blessed in St. Louis to have such a fabulous Whole Foods! There is a great salad bar, hot foods bar, Asian section with hot entrees prepared after you order, and a pizza station, as well as the traditional grocery section.

This location usually has Chicago Diner baked goods (exclusively vegan) shipped from the famous restaurant in Illinois, including cheesecake, half-pound slices of cake, muffins, monstrously-sized cookies, and brownies. (I like the peanut butter cookie and at Thanksgiving, they carry a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake that is to die for.) The selection depends on the day of the week that you visit, and if they've run out of stock or not.

For vegan meals, I like to get tofu spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce or the grilled tofu teriyaki bowl (huge and under $7). I wish they had more vegan soup options every single day, but they're good about having a vegetarian chili pretty often that is vegan. The hot bar almost always has a vegan entree (sometimes two), but they rotate the same ones over and over -- my favorite is the Tempeh Cashew Broccoli stir-fry. Get the seitan fajitas from the hot bar if you can catch that.

The deli section has a number of vegan options -- the hazelnut cutlets are delicious and I sampled a vegan Sonoma that was very tasty. The bakery serves a vegan muffin every day (either blueberry or chocolate chip) and two vegan tofu-based, sugar-free cookies (chocolate chip and oatmeal).

I love this Whole Foods, and I think I'd be out of my mind with excitement if this location added an indoor Jamba Juice, like the WF in Austin, Texas and Minneapolis.

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