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503 South Ave
Rochester, New York 14620


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Low-key Ethiopian in the South Wedge

Restaurant, Bar

Dashen is a simple Ethiopian restaurant on South Ave. Except for a few tourism posters and African knick-knacks, it has a diner feel. The food is cheaper than Abyssinia, and includes the usual vegan Ethiopian favorites, and offers a vegetarian combo platter to give you a little taste of everything.

The restaurant includes a full bar, patronized by a regular crowd of mostly Ethiopians, and has free foosball in the basement.

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I've only eaten at Dashen three times, mainly because I prefer Abyssinia for Ethiopian food in Rochester. The food at Dashen was pretty good though (I ordered combo platters each time I ate there, and can't remember the individual dishes that well). I find the stews a little bit runny and the injera (flatbread) has more teff flour in it than the injera at Abyssinia. Dashen is a very simple place, so the atmosphere is kind of low-key, but the owner is very friendly. The first time we ate there the waitress was inattentive and took a long time to get to us, but the other two times the service was good. Prices are quite reasonable.

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Dashen is my favorite Ethiopian place in Rochester, because the food is cheap, but filling and very good. I also see more Ethiopian immigrants here than any other place, so I take that as a good sign.

The Misir Wat is the best I've found anywhere, although the Shiro Wat has a strange aftertaste.

Also, free foosball in the basement!

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South Wedge


Dashen is on South Ave, just south of the intersection with Mount Hope.

The South Ave exit off 490 is 2 blocks north.


No Reservations

Not Wheelchair Accessible


$$ - average


  • Visa


  • Ethiopian/Eritrean


  • Quiet



noon - 9:30pm

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