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Boca Raton, Florida


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I've been shopping at WFM since 1990. I love Whole Foods Market! Yes. And I'm a Gluten-free vegan. I love that there are still places where you can find organic and good quality food. Yes, I do understand AND was even shocked in 1990 that a "health" food store could carry animal and processed foods. But I also understand that I can't be judgmental and that I can't impose my views and believe upon others. I wish they only carried organic produce. I wish they didn't sell so many sweets. I wish they made all desserts sugar-free, gluten-free. But I realize that this is my world, and I'm grateful I can find most of what I need at WFM. They have made it easy for mainstream to get healthier food and bring more awareness. And who am I to judge? Right? Thank you Whole Foods Market! The Gal @ www.TheHealthyDish.com

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Mostly non vegetarian food...Veg fare is in the minority here....Can't figure that and still call this a health foodstore. 90% of the food items are dead animals.

Beware of hairs in soup and salad bars...Old cold foods supposed to be served hot at the 7.99 lb hot salad bar. If you really must eat and don't mind the cheese or grease the safest way to not get ill here is a 2.99 slice of pizza.

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