Cafe Flora

Seattle, Washington


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Gourmet meals by true Chefs. Nothing processed here.
Delicious and beautiful presentations.
EVERYTHING here is vegetarian. They do have vegan options or vegan items on the menu. Also have gluten free items listed. Raw items listed on the menu too.
All are delicious! My favorite is the Black Bean burger with Yam die for!
Only complaint is that everything seems a little too salty, and they rely on cheese quite a bit, though they do offer vegan items as well.

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i had the french dip, which is vegan. my boyfriend had the black bean burger. we thought this place was pretty good. i've never had a french dip in my life, so even though i'm vegan now, i have nothing to compare it to. the black bean burger was good. the french dip was pretty tasty! i would say that you don't get a lot of food for the money, but otherwise, this place had a nice atmosphere (kind of fancy) and some of the desserts are vegan! we just didn't get any because we had already been to mighty-o donut. :)

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Great breakfast, will return.

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Great food, nice location, great service. I try not to eat many animal products, but am a sucker for cheese. Cafe Flora has an excellent cheese sampler that is to savor and enjoy (sorry vegans). My party had three different entrees - the YUCCA CAKES, SAGE POLENTA, and the Portobella Wellington. All were delicious, fresh and satisfying. I can only hope for such a restaurant in Phoenix. Although pricey, everything was perfect, especially the local cheeses!

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I would probably give this a "10" if I weren't a vegan. Seems to have many more choices for vegetarians. Food was excellent but a bit pricey for what it was. Service for dinner and brunches has always been consistent and very good.

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I would definitely recommend this place! My husband and I went there tonight with a friend. The restaurant is dressy-to-casual, and the food is generally amazing, gourmet-style fare. There were many vegan options available. I had the breaded tofu cutlets, which I would not recommend. They were kind of bland, though the presentation was lovely. My husband's dish, the Phyllo Roll with Burmese Curry Sauce, was one of the best vegan dishes I've had in a restaurant. We ended up splitting them both, and my husband was generous enough to give me first dibs on his curry. We also split a starter place of lentil-pecan pate and other nibbles--very tasty. Dessert options looked good; only two were vegan and one vegan dessert contained cashews, to which I am allergic. The remaining option was a highly recommended ginger lemon cake, but we decided to take a pass. Perhaps next time. I think the menu changes seasonally, so check their website for current offerings.

Prices were a little higher than you typically see for vegan food, but this restaurant was more upscale than your average veg place. And the food was well worth the price. At dinner, sandwiches ranged from $10 - 12, and entrees averaged around $16 - 17. Starters were priced anywhere from $7 - 13. Lunch prices are slightly lower. At the current time, they are offering a three-course prix fixe lunch or dinner.

They had a nice wine and beer list. I skipped wine, but my husband greatly enjoyed the organic beer available. Also available are loose-leaf teas, coffee, and some soft drinks.

Anyway, if you're looking for a gourmet experience, perhaps a nice date or a place to take your parents, this is a great choice. Non-vegetarians are not likely to be intimidated by "weird vegan food" that you might see at other veg places. The atmosphere is classy, relaxed, and fairly mainstream. Less a counterculture vegan establishment, and more like a restaurant that just happens to be vegetarian.

Go. Enjoy. It's fantastic.

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