Dosa Hutt

Queens, New York City

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Vegetarian South Indian Restaurant

The menu here is all-vegetarian and almost all vegan. Furthermore, all vegan items are clearly marked on the menu. They serve inexpensive South Indian food, especially dosas, which are often filled with curried potatoes. The dosas here are surprisingly light, cheap, and definitely filling.

This is fast food, South Indian style. You order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. Note that they only accept cash. Nothing costs more than $5.

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The ambiance (fast food restaurant) is nothing to brag about and all the food comes on styrofoam plates, but the food is incredibly cheap so I guess it's a fair trade. The service was really friendly and the guy behind the counter told me I could park my car in their parking lot, as it would be safer there. "Their" area seemed to be part their property and part sidewalk, but I ended up finding a space on the street. Either way, very thoughtful.

I couldn't decide on an appetizer so I got a two item combo described as "1 iddly, and one (something I forgot the name of) in a bowl". Sounds weird, but that's exactly what it was. Two big lumps of fried something (I believe one was lentil flour and one wheat flour), in a bowl with hot, spicy sambar poured over it. I wasn't very impressed with either of the fried items but the soup was good. I think this cost about $4.

For my entree, I got the spinach dosa. The employee asked if I wanted some potato or something in it or if I just wanted spinach. As he mentioned no additional cost, and that a few other dosa options came with multiple fillings that were the same cost as the spinach dosa, I assumed there would be no extra charge. Well, when I got the bill, I saw he charged me $1 extra. It's not the end of the world, but it would have been considerate to tell me it would cost more, as I was already ordering a lot of food and didn't really need the potatoes. The dosa itself was good, as was the coconut chutney it came with.

I can't say this was my favorite restaurant ever but if I were in the neighborhood, I wouldn't mind returning for a snack.

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From downtown Flushing (the 7 subway) take the 65 bus to Bowne and 45 Avenue.


$ - inexpensive

Cash Only


  • Indian (Southern)


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9am - 9pm

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