Home on 8th

Manhattan, New York City

Closed as of Jan 1 12

391 8th Ave
New York City, New York 10001


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Vegetarian-friendly Chinese

Home on 8th is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in vegetarian dishes, but is not exclusively vegetarian. In addition to pure vegetable or tofu dishes, they offer a number of faux meats and have a "Vegetarian and Vegan" section of the menu. Within this section, they even identify which items "aren't for vegans."

They offer traditional veg appetizers (spring rolls, soy drumsticks, veg chicken skewers, veg dumplings, scallion pancakes), steamed veggie and tofu dishes, noodles, fried rice, and veggie/tofu/faux meat concoctions.

Lunch is served from 11am-4pm and there are TWO lunch menus, one is veg specific, the other isn't. The veg specific menu is about $2 more, but you can find veg dishes on the "normal" lunch menu and get that cheap price ($6).

NOTE: Neither the wonton NOR the egg drop soup are vegetarian or vegan. Both use chicken broth.

Added by Dave Rolsky on Dec 24 06 (last updated Jul 11 14)

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I love that this place has a separate veg/vegan section on their menu and identifies items that AREN'T vegan. They have a great range of options and even offer brown rice as an option (50 cents extra).

It's annoying that neither of the soups on the lunch special are vegan. I tried getting a spring roll instead but they wouldn't let me. I thought this was rude. I later found that they have miso soup, so I'm wondering why they didn't offer that (perhaps they don't allow it).

I had the broccoli with garlic sauce over brown rice and it was pretty good. The broccoli had a great flavor (although I wonder if they use MSG), but the rice was a bit dry.

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