LifeThyme Natural Market

Manhattan, New York City


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I don't like the hot food so much here but the salads in the deli are pretty good. I like to get a mix of things and go on an urban picnic nearby.

The best thing at this place is the tollbooth cookie (vegan). I don't recall what is all in it, but if definitely has pecans, chocolate chips and caramel.

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Yum. This place has the best selection of vegan and raw foods that I have ever seen. They have about 4 different types of vegan wraps, 10 types of other vegan sandwiches and more vegan cookies and cakes than you can shake a stick at (the girl that I went with ended up going nuts and buying about 10 different cakes).

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LifeThyme has a fabulous selection of vegan/organic/kosher desserts - I was so overwhelmed when I saw the pastry case that I ended up buying tiramisu, chocolate cake, strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter pie and a couple of cookies and scones. Some of the desserts had a bit of a soy aftertaste, but overall they were pretty good imitations of their dairy-rich analogues. I will definitely go back the next time that I'm in NY.

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I love this place.. it is the way a vegan market should be setup.. this is why i did not care for food fight in portland.. The pastry case amazing.. i love working in the area because i get to run over and get amazing vegan delights. tollbooth cookies amazing if you love the taste of butterscotch, the muffins are amazing and the soups are pretty tasty.. i like the raw salads too. The sandwich collection they have is pretty amazing as well. I always leave happily. The staff is always willing to help and can spot a regular from a mile away.. they treat their customers well.

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I love Lifethyme Natural Foods! Their organic buffet (both hot and cold) is nearly all vegan and they sell tons of vegan goodies like deli slices, ice cream, pudding, and cheese. Their deli section is nearly all vegetarian and has tons of vegan options (both raw and cooked), and their bakery is vegan - organic - kosher, and is the BEST vegan bakery in town. The cake is always fresh and moist and I think the flavors are a lot more creative than the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting you get at most places.

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