Fair Grounds

Iowa City, Iowa


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Mmmmmmm. Nachos. Mmmmmmmm. Waffles. Mmmmmmmm. Cakes. Mmmmmmmmm. 99% is made from scratch. They don't skimp on toppings. You'll get a powerpacked muffin or waffle or sandwich. Not fast food. Just delicious. They do it right. 100% Fair Trade coffee and tea. EDIT: June 28, 2011 - New ownership. Not sure what's going on with this place.

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not only are the vegan breakfasts to die for (LOVE the raspotle and the my blue fetta french toasts), but the vegan coffees and the vegan baked goods are AMAZING!

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It's so nice to have another option where you can order anything off the menu and not have to worry about ingredients. We love, love, love their coffee, waffles (try the McVegan!), breakfast burritos and desserts and appreciate that they offer soy whip as well as soy milk for the drinks and at no extra charge.

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Great food, good coffee and nice people. I love it and so does my daughter. Almost everything on the menu can be prepared vegan. The cookies are divine, the waffles scrumptious and the tempeh Reuben was delicious. This is my new favorite coffee shop in Iowa City. They will bake your traditional family recipe and adjust it to be vegetarian, vegan or sans allergy-inducing ingredients. Highly recommended.

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