Haymarket Café

Northhampton, Massachusetts


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The prices were very reasonable, and the food was tasty and interesting. The dish I had was vegan but it wasn't marked as vegan, unfortunately, and the barista had to call the cook to find out.

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This is a pretty cool coffee shop and cafe with interesting vegan sandwiches. I came for tea and desserts, though.

First, they have about six or seven vegan offerings. I tried a "buckeye" ($2) which was a peanut butter chocolate bon bon, and also had a double chocolate cookie. The buckeye was great: rich peanut butter flavor with smooth chocolate. The cookie, on the other hand, was dry and had a weird soy aftertaste (something I haven't encountered in a long time, despite having been vegan for over six years).

I also tried my friend's chocolate mocha cake which looked amazing, but had a sharp soy aftertaste as well. I think Haymarket needs to work on its vegan offerings that have chocolate.

I also had a pot of kikucha tea (twig tea) which was nice to see, as you rarely find that on menus at coffee shops.

The top floor of Haymarket is much more welcoming and hip, but the seats get taken quickly. While there's ample seating downstairs, I found this portion to be dark and depressing and definitely not the type of place I'd want to hang out with a friend.

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The upper level is street level from the Main St. entrance and this is the coffee house.

The serious food is on the lower level. The only vegan entree option for breakfast is a tofu scramble but this is consistently very good. Subtly spiced tofu with veggies, tasty potatoes and toast--and a nice fruit garnish.

Their dinner menu offers more choices for vegans. However, the spicing is very inconsistent and inaccurately described. I like spicy food and can handle anything on their menu. But, I've been here with people who found some dishes to be inedible due to a high spice level. Caveat emptor. I like their food but others may not agree.

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A nice place to go if you're walking around Noho and want a vegan treat, some coffee (where they have soy milk and vegan friendly sugar!), and tasty food. Haymarket is ALWAYS busy, quite noisy, and seems to be a place where many hang out and use their computers. Decent place to meet people either for a date or an after dinner chat.

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I was very excited to find out that Haymarket Cafe has a number of vegan baked goods in the upstairs coffee shop (muffins, blueberry buckle, chocolate ganache cake, chocolate peanut butter cups). The chocolate ganache cake was wonderfully decadent. I also had a glass of freshly-squeezed mint lemonade which was very refreshing if a bit sweet.

The upstairs coffee shop was pretty crowded, but we managed to find a table downstairs in the restaurant area. No one seemed to mind that we were studying and eating food from upstairs. All in all, it seemed like a pretty relaxed place. My only complaint is that the downstairs area was noisy at times (it sounded like the kitchen staff kept dropping dishes).

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too sheek for comfort.

the place was packed with people when i went, no place to sit down, so i had to stand to wait for my food when i ordered it, and because i stood near the food pickup/order area (downstairs) the "chef" was rude and told me it was going to be a while (rolling her eyes at me like i was in the way).......sooo.....where was i supposed to go? everyone was rude actually, all the staff, and even the customers.

all i want to say is if you are veg & peaceful and don't want to be rushed, don't go here, the food is not worth it.

I would suggest to the owner to sell the large tables they own, buy a lot more single SMALLER TABLES for all the single people hanging out....... b/c i went with 2 people, and could not sit and wait anywhere for my food----hence why the "chef" was rude. thanks

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