Bela Vegetarian Restaurant

Northhampton, Massachusetts


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This is a friendly little cafe with simple vegetarian dishes. Nothing on the menu really stood out to me, but I settled on a special of the day----whole wheat pasta with seitan in a fennel tomato sauce ($8 for the lunch portion).

The dish was really basic and, while it was tasty, this is definitely a dish I could have made at home (and I'm a novice cook, at best).

For dessert I had a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie ($2) and a slice of maple cake ($5). The cookie was pretty good (it was made of almond flour), but the cake was excellent: moist; subtly sweet; airy.

Bela's is cash-only, which is always annoying. Also, dinner prices are 50% higher than at lunch. While the food at Bela's isn't spectacular or unusual, it's tasty enough and not too expensive. I like the vibe and the friendly service. All in a all, it's a nice place to get lunch with a friend but don't expect to find a gourmet meal here.

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By far my favorite restaurant in NoHo. Food is very good, home style with generous portions. Always plenty of vegan options. Menu is clearly marked as to content. Staff is consistently pleasant and friendly. They don't seem to have much staff turn over--always an indicator of a good restaurant.

I've never had room for dessert. Maybe some day I'll get to try something from the dessert menu.

Bela doesn't have a lot of seating and it can be a busy place during prime dinner time. Also, they don't take credit cards.

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Eating at Bela is what I imagine that eating dinners with my family would have been like if I had been raised by vegetarian parents. The food isn't gourmet, it's just good, healthy home cooking. In addition to some soups and salads, there are three main varieties of food: pasta (with tempeh, tofu or seitan, served in some sort of sauce and mixed with veggies), stir fry (same options as the pasta) and veggie patties (either served in a bun or with gravy and mashed potatoes). Most of the menu options are vegan and everything on the menu is carefully marked with allergen information.

The desserts at Bela seem to change from day to day. On the night that I went, there were three dessert options and all of them were vegan. I ended up ordering a gingerbread molasses cake, served with blackberry sauce. My waitress asked me if I wanted some fresh, house-made whipped cream on top, which I politely refused. She must have picked up on the fact that mentioning dairy made me uncomfortable, because she then asked me if I wanted some vegan whipped cream and apologized that it was not made in-house! I was so thrilled that Bela had vegan whipped cream that of course I didn't care. The gingerbread, by the way, was moist and delicious and tasted amazing with the whipped "cream" and berry sauce. I will definitely go back to Bela sometime soon.

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best all vegetarian restaurant in the pioneer valley. it's great home-cooking. very balanced vegan meals. i love the black eyed peas.

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