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They lie about their rice being vegan. It has ghee (I was told only a little) after I got sick and called.

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Update: I found out that my dessert was not vegan (the ball is made of milk powder). Given that I've told the waiter that we didn't eat any dairy (and he double checked with me at one point too), it's disappointing to hear that he brought us a dessert filled with dairy...

They brought us an appetizer right away, before we even ordered. It consisted of a flat very crispy and flavorful bread and 3 different sauces, all of which were really delicious. Not too spicy either (I don't have a high tolerance for spicy food). This appetizer was really yummy. We ordered two dishes, both of which were good too. At the end, they brought us a free dessert: a bready ball in a sweet syrup. I really liked this too, but after eating it, I realized that I had no idea if it was vegan or not. You might want to ask before they bring it out for you. Overall, this was a good dining experience; the food was yummy, the server was very nice, and the place was nicely decorated (not too fancy and not too simple).

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