Cafe Berlin

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Great location in old San Juan with outdoor seating. The food was delicious, coconut-tomato tofu came with sauteed veggies (broccoli, carrots) and yuca mashed potatoes on the side. The dish was very flavorful. I also ordered a side of pesto rice which was really good with my meal. There is a whole vegetarian menu with a lot of options. The outdoor seating was comfortable and on a busy tourist street. Recommended.

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My date and I ate there twice during our 4 day trip to Puerto Rico. The staff were amazing and had great vegan recommendations. I highly reccomend the Criollo Tofu and Mofongo....

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i usually have a hard time finding meat substitutes that are gluten free--much less in san juan, which has very few vegan-friendly options--but cafe berlin has a great vegan steak and meatloaf. the waiter was very attentive, polite and helpful. my mojito was also delicious! the smooth-jazz cover of madonna's 'material girl' only added to the experience. i haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

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don't get the tofu dish they do not know how to prepare tofu. overpriced but they did have soy milk for coffee.

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BOOOOOOOOOO. I am SO mad at this place. I was initially very excited to go but then was very disappointed when I went. First off, I hate going to restaurants that only print menus in English and only speak in English but I guess thats my fault for going. Anyway, the food was SOOO expensive and the service was terrible.

My friend ordered the soy steak with bananas and strawberry sauce (also came with rice and garlic veggies) and it was outstanding, but definitely not worth $17. I asked the waitress if the dumplings (with tofu, veggies, and plantains) would be good and she said they are very good so I ordered them. When they came out, I realized my $11 dumplings were actually 4 appetiyer-sized dumplings. I was annoyed and she told me its an appetizer. I asked why it was listed with the other entrees and she said it said "appetizer" next to it. I didnt ask to see the menu again but I know for a fact it was listed in the same section as the other veg entrees, so even if it says "appetizer", its misleading because its listed with full plates.

What annoyed me most is that the waitress didnt point out that it was an appetizer when I ordered it (while everyone else ordered full plates), and she did absolutely nothing to try to remedy the situation when she saw I was upset. She also never came to check and see how our meals were and she never refilled our water, even though my glass was empty. We also had to ask for the bill after sitting there with empty plates for 10 minutes.

I will not be returning here.

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I was at Cafe Berlin for the Sunday Brunch Buffet. The spread was beautiful, and included quite a few Vegan options. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The Cafe itself looks out over the street to a large Plaza courtyard. If in San Juan, don't miss this Jewel!

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We were greatly surprised to find such a great place to eat in San Juan. Most people had told us the veg* dining would be tough on the island.

Cafe Berlin had fantastic food at a reasonable price for a downtown area.

I had the creole tofu dish and my fiance had the a fake steak item. Both items were very tasty with nice textures and flavorful sauces.

We will definitely be going back.

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