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Portland, Oregon

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Vegan Convenience Store/Grocery


Food Fight! is a vegan grocery/convenience store. They have lots of junk food: chips, smores, chocolate bars, candy, etc. They also have fake-meats, cheeses (including some hard to find ones), and basic grocery store stuff: produce, bread, milk, etc. And vegan condoms.

New, bigger location!

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OK, I'm lucky to be close enough to drop by regularly, but I love these people. Food Fight is an attitude, note the exclamation point. This store is about providing vegan alternatives so you can stop buying animal derived products. They are trying to show the public how easy it is to do that by putting everything in one place. Sometimes the prices are slightly higher than the big stores, but it's because they don't get the big volume price breaks. I honor that and try to buy those items from them whenever I can, because they don't represent a sellout compromise to carry stuff that vegans consider unethical just to make money.

Their current store is a real effort at trying to be the best they can be, with fresh fruit and veggies and quite an array of staples and munchies. It's easy to be an informed shopper there and choose healthy options, but it's also possible to load up on snacks when that's what you want. Yes, I want a vegan twinkie as a self reward once in a while.

Whatever you buy at Food Fight! is a vote for a better future for animals and the planet. I'm never sorry to shop there and support the food sources and employees making a living off goods and services that I can really believe in, because I know the owners and I know that their motivation is to help change the world.

Go there or go to their website and give them a try.

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Cool place with lots of vegan items that aren't normally carried in other stores. Sometimes the staff are not the friendliest.

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This is the new storefront.

This is the new storefront.

This is a picture of the old location. This is a picture of the old location.


10am - 8pm

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