Tao of Tea

Portland, Oregon


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This is a very beautiful restaurant! The benches are fantastic; they are made out of stone, but are also very comfortable. The tables in the center are made out of tea crates. Awesome interior design!

The menu does not say which items are vegan which is one of my small complaints about this place. My second complaint is that the menu is rather small and focused on Indian food. But dishes I had were good. The dessert was fantastic!! It was sticky rice (very sticky) with banana, wrapped and cooked in banana leaves and accompanied by cranberries, mango sauce, and toasted coconut. Very very yummy and very filling!! Highly recommended.

This is a very peaceful place to go to if you want to relax, have a bit of food (the portions are small and they don't have a huge selection) and drink some yummy tea. I wouldn't go there with a large group, or if you're in the mood to be loud and/or obnoxious, or if you are very hungry.

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Great place to come and talk with friends. Huge selection of tea. They also have non-tea beverages and a food menu with snacks, sides, entrees, and deserts. Unfortunately most of the food is not vegan. All but one of the desserts had honey. The tea we had was very good, as was the hummus and pita and banana dessert.

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