Pradeep's - Santa Monica

Los Angeles, California


rating star

My husband and I moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast five months ago. We have yet to find an Indian restaurant that we love as much as some of our favorites back east, but Pradeep's comes close.

We recently ate there for the first time and thought the ambience was nice and the food quite good. We had the samosas (potato a pea turnovers -- good), the carrot and coriander soup (good) which was accompanied by a papadum (lentil cracker -- very good), the garlic naan bread (Vegan, which isn't easy to find! The toppings were very tasty but the bread itself didn't seem as fresh as it sometimes is at restaurants), a salad which accompanied our meal (good) the saag tofu (spinach and tofu curry -- okay) and the Baigan ka Bhurta (eggplan curry -- very good). The service was prompt and polite. While this might not seem like the most ringing endoresment of the food, we liked it better than three other Indin restaurants we've eaten at in LA, and we were impressed by the fact that the food is prepared without cream or butter. There are over a dozen vegan entrees to choose from and the food isn't too oily. Our dinner for two came to $48 -- at $12.50 an entree it's a little expensive but not horribly so. We will definitely go back.

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