Uncommon Ground

Chicago, Illinois


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I agree with the other reviewers. Uncommon Ground makes great soy chai, but the vegan dinner options are disappointing. The first (and last) time that I went there, I asked my waitress which items on the menu could be made vegan and she started telling me about this "really great" salad. I wasn't thrilled about the prospect of eating a salad for dinner, but I decided to order it anyway. I stayed for the musical performance, which was enjoyable, but my good mood quickly disappeared when I received my bill: $20 for salad and soy chai.

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I agree with the previous reviewer. The ambience of the place is good and it's definitely a trendy, well-done joint. But it doesn't offer much for vegans. When I went, I got a modified pasta dish which was passable, but nothing great.

I take issue with restaurants that claim to be socially and environmentally conscious, but then offer few to no vegan dishes. These are the type of places that offer a grass-fed burger and then automatically call themselves sustainable or local or ethical. It takes a little bit more than that, folks.

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The ambiance and service are quite good, but the thing I felt was lacking was more vegan options. Pretty much all of the vegetarian options on the menu fundamentally relied on dairy/eggs, which doesn't leave much. I also felt that the prices are a little steep for the portions.

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