Andina Restaurant

Portland, Oregon


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This is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland. Peruvian might not initially sound veg friendly but they go so far as to have a completely vegetarian menu. Super friendly staff and THE BEST coctail I've ever had called SACSAYHUAMÁN.

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We ate at Andina while in town this past weekend and the (vegan) food here is amazing!!! The staff was great. They provided us a separate vegetarian menu and even started out with vegan bread with vegan dipping sauces. We had the Esparragos Pervanos (asparagus) appetizer the mixto vegetariano cebiche and the Qinoto de Hongos de la Montana (quinoa dish in truffle oil). Everything was delicious and the quinoa dish was especially good . I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

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I absolutely LOVE this place. I feel so relieved when I eat there b/c I know I will have great tasting options and some organic grapefruit juice (with free refills) to go along with it. I think we need to get the word out that they offer a vegetarian/vegan menu. I know LOTS of veg's that didn't know!

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