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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Eclectic discount grocery store


Trader Joe's is a discount grocery store.

Since their stock is based upon price, the selection is spotty. Unlike a co-op or other natural foods store, you may find one brand of a product (ex. soy milk) at Trader Joe's and no other brands.

But, you can find some vegan friendly natural foods type stuff at a decent price.

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I really like the atmosphere at Trader Joe's, although the selection is not that wide. But, the prices there are MUCH lower than at Whole Foods- and some prices are lower that the Giant Eagle Market District. I think it's a nice option to have for organic shopping- especially if you've got the time to comparison shop.

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Trader Joe's, I think, has a lousy selection. You never know what you will or won't find there.

Also, despite a reputation for being vegan friendly, I don't think it particularly is.

Finally, this location, despite having about a football field worth of parking space, doesn't have a bike rack, and there aren't many good substitutes.

Bottom line is, first Pittsburgh had the co-op, and that was good. Whole Foods saw an opportunity, so they moved in on their territory in the same neighborhood. Then the Negley Giant Eagle became natural-foods oriented to try to steal business from Whole Foods, and now Trader Joe's is following the trend. The East End has enough natural food stores, there's no reason to bother with Trader Joe's. It'd be nice if some of these stores would set up elsewhere in the city.

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East Liberty


Trader Joe's is located in the "Villiage of Eastside" plaza on Penn Ave. in East Liberty, just south of Penn Circle.

The 71C goes right by the plaza, and any bus that runs along the East Busway (EBO, EBA, EBX) can let you off at the East Liberty station - close enough to walk.


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9am - 9pm

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