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Middle Eastern Cafe

Healthy home made pitas, Kosher, ready to go, Middle-Eastern food. Located at the heart of the East Village of NYC. We serve fresh food, perfect for those looking for a quick, inexpensive (under $5.00) and healthy meal.

Our environment is warm, welcoming, and modern,
a great spot to sit and comfortably have a bite.

Serving delicious falafel, hummus, and the Chickplant, a special eggplant creation.

Added by Darius Jaeger on Nov 7 06 (last updated Aug 14 12)

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I gave it a 1.

Chickpea is just a nicer version of mcdonalds with veggie options. the falafel was nothing special; the balls weren't seasoned all too well, the pita was an off texture-- the salad inside was surprisingly good though.

They seem to cater to delivery & nyu. When i went about 12 people were working , and there were 3 people who had ordered in the store. deliveries rushed in and out on phone & messenger, but a simple falafel took about 30 minutes to make.

You can get better and cheaper Mediterranean at any corner falafel joint in the east village.

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Chickpea is a great Middle Eastern spot in the village. The food is fresh-prepared and excellent. The falafel is high quality and the Chickplant -- a special pita creation involving eggplant, hummus, hard boiled egg, and hot sauce -- is amazing and totally unique for the area. The food is cheap and delicious, and they are open late on the weekends.

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$ - inexpensive


  • Middle Eastern/Persian


  • Kosher


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10am - 1am
10am - 4:30am
10am - 5am
10am - 1am

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