Westerly Natural Market

Manhattan, New York City


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Across the street from the famous 1970s Studio 54 and nettle between the neighborhoods of Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square and Central Park Westerly Natural Market is heaven on earth in the City’s concrete jungle, not far for the home for 100s of yellow taxis. Early nearly each morning you can see the yellows taxis driving down 8th Avenue by the 100s. But it is the best thing since slice bread! In a mixed residential and business neighborhood is good to know that smaller health food supermarkets can survive in spite of Whole Foods Market nearby on Columbus Circle. Westerly was my favorite place to shop and where I met the owner of Caravan of Dreams one night when my husband and I where looking for gluten-free vegan desserts. The food, desserts, greens, employees and, yes, even the clients were great! Great to be in a huge city where you still can find a sense of community, though NYC is small the vegan and environmentally conscious community is still small. Love this supermarket!

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