14 Carrots

Manhattan, New York City

Closed as of May 14 12

328 E 14th St
New York, New York 10003


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Veg Diner Food

An all vegetarian diner where most things can be made vegan. Breakfast served all day, as well as burgers, sandwiches, salads, Mexican and desserts. Vegan or easily made vegan items are clearly labeled. Large dessert menu, most of which is vegan. They have fresh juices, as well as sodas, beer and wine.

Note that this place used to be called "Curly's Vegetarian Lunch".

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I've had some fantastic meals here and some so-so meals here. The best meal I ever had was a peach pancakes weekend brunch special. The vegan chicken parm and the Thanksgiving-style turkey/stuffing/cranberry sandwich platter is pretty good, too. The garlic greens and corn bread are also really good. The most boring thing I've had was the meat loaf dinner, which was dry and every item on the plate was bland. Either way, it's definitely a good place to hang out with friends. They actually have crayons at the table so you can color on your place mat!

The first time I was there a few years ago, the waitress seemed pretty clueless about veganism and which options were vegan. The girl who waited on me last week was also somewhat unhelpful, asking if I wanted a dish vegan, only to tell me that it's not offered vegan. In between these times, I've had no issues with the staff, but I do question overall how knowledgeable they are of vegan items.

Also, what's with the new name, "12 Carrots"? That's got to be the least creative, boring name for a restaurant. It sounds like a place that no omni/carnivore in their right mind would want to go so when inviting non-veg friends to dine, I will continue calling it "Curly's" :)

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Curly's is ok--basically just what it sounds like which is a veg-friendly burger joint type place. As such, stick to the burger and sandwich-type things. My favorite thing to get here is the mock cuban sandwich. One time I ordered it and got something completely different--they substituted fake chicken for the fake pork and used a different type of soy cheeze--and was a little annoyed that they didn't mention being out of the core ingredients in this dish. The fries and in particular sweet potato fries are pretty yummy here. I once went on a date for Valentine's here and they added two tiny heart-shaped pancakes dusted with confectioner's sugar for dessert at no charge, which was a nice touch. Though I was too stuffed to eat all of them, the few bites I had were tasty.

A fun thing about this place is that each table setting includes a paper place mat with crayons for you to doodle on while you wait (which can be lengthy--this place is tiny but 85% of NYC eateries are...). There is some amazing crayon art on the wall that is pretty entertaining to look at.

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East Village


E 14th St, between 1st & 2nd Ave.


No Reservations

Not Wheelchair Accessible


$$ - average


  • MasterCard Visa


  • American


  • Brunch
  • Kid-Friendly


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11am - 11pm
10am - 11pm

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