Simple Treats



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Pangea offers a few of Simple Treats' brownies and cookies. After sampling a chocolate chunk brownie from there, I went to the Simple Treats web site and ordered the cookbook (awesome and easy to use) and a batch of peanut butter marshmallow fluff blondies. I believe there were 9 blondies (huge and thick), individually-wrapped, in a little pink bakery box. I had trouble limiting myself to eating a third of each blondie when I wanted a treat.

Each blondie (and brownie) is definitely oversized--anyone conscious about sugar or fat will need to cut them into smaller pieces. The treats are rich and filling (though a little greasy).

The price is pretty much the norm for an online bakery, and I'm pretty sure that part of it is the express shipping. It's definitely worth it every once in a while, especially if you live in a place with no vegan-friendly bakeries!

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