Pirates Tavern

Portland, Oregon


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Food was not worth the drive. Ownership is sleezy and hostile. Female customers are treated as another commodity off the menu.

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I don't feel like paying $15 for lasagna filled with canned spinach, deep fried (not sauteed as the menu would have us believe) mushrooms and onions. Let alone pay out the ass for a pirate burger that's mainly just a boca burger.
I also feel it inappropriate to bring non-vegan friends to be berated by the the owner for their dietary choices. It's not a good way to win hearts over.
And what the bloody hell does pirates have to do with veganism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

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Wonderful place with an unexpected and whimsical pirate theme. You know how some vegetarian restaurants are far too serious and seem to appeal solely to the die-hard veggies? Not this place. Pretty much anyone would find this a nice spot to visit...and if there is nothing outwardly or even after the food comes to tip people off that it's vegan. It's quite the adventure for both adults and children. The restaurant is up on a hill overlooking an industrial area of Portland. Plenty of free parking available. The interior is spacious and fun, and the waitstaff is cordial. They couldn't have been nicer to my 9-year old daughter. A marimba/guitar band was playing, and doing a great job.

The menu is unique. It reads a little like a sports bar, but with greater variety and tastier, and everything is vegan. The food is soy-heavy and calorie-laden, although they do offer an excellent salad and flavorful soups. Not soy like the tofu found in a Chinese restaurant, but stuff that looks and tastes like the real thing. The Fish and Chips tasted like, well, like fish and chips. My wife had chicken-fried steak. And the portions are huge. The price is about as expensive as fast food diners.

We can't eat this heavy everyday, but if we lived in Portland (which we do not), we would be regular visitors. Pirate Tavern deserves the support of local vegetarians, especially vegans. The food is great and the ambiance as fun as you can imagine.

Who could ask for more? We wish we had something like this back in Dallas, Texas (the closest similar restaurant is in Fort Worth).

Oh, by the way, we forgot to mention that they serve beer and alcohol. We do not drink, so we cannot opine as the offerings.

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