Lemon Grass Thai Cafe

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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After reading good reviews, I decided to eat there for lunch today. It was just okay. Almost any of the main dishes can be made vegetarian by asking (and making sure no fish sauce). The egg rolls they served are not vegan (many "egg rolls" are actually without egg these days); the server said they are coated with egg whites.

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I go to Lemon Grass about once to twice a month. You can't really go wrong with any of their dishes. Lunch prices are cheaper and you get a spring roll, but their dinner dishes are bigger and you're more likely to take food home with you (always a plus to have a second meal). Service is usually always prompt and courteous.

If you're vegan make sure you ask if your dish has fish sauce in it (most don't, but best to check and see). Also, if you like your food really spicy ask for it "Dennis style." They'll add more red and jalepeno peppers.

All in all, I highly suggest checking out this place. But, I wouldn't go too far out of your way for it, since there are comporable Thai food restaurants all over the valley.

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Great lunch specials, I got the colorful vegetables, and found it to be reasonably priced for a good vegan lunch. After tax it came to 7.50, includes a spring roll (vegan), rice, and the entree...A little on the small side, but for a nice vegan lunch by my work it was a deal.

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We ordered the thai spring rolls which came as 4 small fried rolls with a sweet sauce. They were decent and a good starter.

The Green and Masam curries were "thai hot" which gave a decent level of heat. (We made sure it was "fish free.") I enjoyed the mixed vegetables and tofu in both dishes. They were nothing we hadn't tasted before but satisfied our craving for hot and spicy.

The only surprise was the rice -- which was NOT included in the price of the entree.

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I just ate at Lemon Grass for the first time and it was AMAZING! I had a peanut curry with tofu over jasmine rice. the atmosphere is wonderful. good service and the prices are wonderful!

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The prices are actually about 8 bucks for dinner and 6 bucks for lunch. Lunch special comes w/ salad and spring roll. Great curry! All full of veggies and tofu! The coconut soup is great! The spicy noodle and all their flat wide noodles are great. DON'T FORGET TO REQUEST EVERYTHING TO BE MADE WITHOUT FISH SAUCE!!!! Their mango w/ purple or white sticky rice is delicious!

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