Curry Leaf

Tucson, Arizona


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This place is great if you are vegan or vegetarian. There is a vegetarian menu and the waitstaff is very knowledgeable about veganism and will point out which items are vegan. Lunch is super cheap ($5) and filling. Cheap, filling, and vegan!

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Vegan items were clearly marked as such, which was fantastic. Unfortunately, my companion and I both ordered items that we requested to be prepared "mild," but were served dishes that were mind-blowingly hot. It seems like the point of offering mild to hot preparation is to give diners a choice about where on the spectrum they want their food to be, so all palates can be accommodated. Unfortunately that was not the case here.

However, I did order some kind of yellow lentil dish on the side, and it wasn't overloaded with heat and tasted quite nice, though a bit on the bland side. I could tell that the overly hot dishes would have tasted very nice if they weren't overpowered by the heat, so it's a shame!

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