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Under the recommendation of a friend I'm met with, I arrive to one of the worst parking lots (*see Note) as it competes with the Whole Foods Market, but hey, if you do get a parking spot, you can shop after you eat. As I wait for my lunch companion to arrive, I notice the "communist" gray with ironic red trim that reminds me of the lucky red envelops you receive on lunar new year. I couldn't help but think of a rich culture escaping and rising above an oppressive and depressing mindset.

Once my friend arrives we order Vegan Orange Chicken Lunch Special and the Vegan Beef with Broccoli. This establishment carries a large vegan menu which also sensitive to food allergies and gluten free diets. As we wait for the food, we discuss the interior design and to my relief he says "oh, yea...this is totally communist gray...and it's totally ironic". Also, check out the bathroom, it reminds me of the Tim Burton movie "Beetlejuice". Let me know if you think so, too.

The food arrives and to my delight the lunch special is served on a sectional red and "communist" gray tray that's about as big as an old school laptop with a huge scoop of rice, egg drop soup, salad, condiments, and a tasty egg roll. A good egg roll makes everything better. My Orange Chicken's crunchy edges balances textures and flavors. The ginger zings in the salad dressing. We agree the egg drop soup is authentically slimy, but its unusual vegetable overload redeems it. "I usually don't get the veggie beef, but this is really good," my sleepy friend seems woken up by the surprise enjoyment. I sample a fork full to whole-heartedly concur.

I wish I knew about this place when I worked in West Hollywood.

Veg out,

Veggie Army

*Note to West Hollywood: you've known that you're one of the hottest most fashionable areas in Southern California for decades now...get some affordable parking structures.

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