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Actually I have always found both Pizza Plant sites to be very Vegan friendly, not just vegetarian friendly.

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Great food, great craft beer, great place!
Try the eggplant stuffed pizza with the veggie sausage added, the BEST!!!!

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Pizza Plant is local chain restaurant that is pretty conscientious about providing food options for vegetarians (and purchasing its ingredients locally, whenever possible). The food is pretty decent. I had some yummy nachos (covered in curry powder and tons of veggies) and a fairly bland soy cheese pizza with soy sausage. Almost half of the menu items are vegetarian (and are labeled as such). I really wanted to try the vegetarian buffalo wings but unfortunately they had just run out of them.

One big caveat for vegans: the soy cheese almost certainly contains casein. I asked the waitress about dairy-free vegetarian options and was told that they can make the pods (calzones) and pizzas with soy cheese. However, the cheese was a little too stringy to be milk protein-free. If you're vegan and decide to eat there, you might want to be a little more specific than I was about not wanting milk derivatives in your meal.

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