Sunflower Market - Speedway & Swan

Tucson, Arizona

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Grocery store

Grocery/Bakery/Deli, General Store

A wide selection of organic and non-organic food: fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, etc., sold loose by the pound. Also a good source of non-dairy milks, vitamins, environmentally friendly products, etc. Pretty much any vegan staple you're looking for can be found at Sunflower, and their prices usually beat competitors like Wild Oats.

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Over the holiday season ('07-'08) they redid their bulk section, which used to be the best in town. Now it mostly seems to focus on granola, candies, and other things. Almost NOTHING that I used to get here is carried anymore, which means that Sunflower is no longer the one-stop grocery store it used to be for me. Almost every time I go there I discover a new item in the bulk section that is no longer carried, and now I must go to awful places like Whole Foods to get seemingly common things such as soy beans.

I guess there is more demand for the stuff they carry now rather than the "weird" stuff I used to get. Still, for me it is profoundly disappointing. I'm only slowly letting go of the bitterness!

On the plus side: This store carries pretty much all of the vegan staples, and at much lower prices than competitors like Whole Foods. The clientele is a little less annoyingly froufrou as well. If you do a lot of bulk shopping you may have to look elsewhere -- I recommend Whole Foods (which is a mere two miles away) or the co-op (on 4th Avenue).

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I am huge on frozen treats. That said, it seems like Sunflower (the one on Swan, at least) has every non-dairy dessert I could ever want. Perfect place to buy your vegan sundae ingredients...well, except the soy whipped cream!

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North-west corner of Speedway and Swan.

Wheelchair Accessible


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7am - 10pm

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