Darband Restaurant

Los Angeles, California


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Amazing and unique foods! Quite a few vegan selections. I tried the walnut pomegranate dish - super delicious! It was also very rich, so I could only finish about half of it. The portions were very large, so consider sharing if you're not super hungry. The Persian salad was phenomenal and the hummus was fresh and really great. The only negative was a very loud and disrepectful fight between two of the employees right before we left - it was quite startling and unprofessional, especially because I think the one doing most of the yelling was the manager. Nonetheless, we would definitely go here again because the food was great and the service was great (except for the yelling manager).

rating star

Dude, this place is truly awesome. I mean really. The sauces will make you super happy. There is one that is like pomegranite walnut, oh yum. If this wasn't in Tarzana or Encino or wherever it is, I would go more often. This place made me re-think cuisine, period.

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