Galaxy Global Eatery

Manhattan, New York City

Closed as of Feb 15 11

15 Irving Place
New York, New York 10003


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Veg-Friendly Restaurant/Bar

Restaurant, Bar

The Galaxy Global Eatery... is about Global cuisine - taking the most flavorful and innovative culinary ideas and ingredients from all over our world to produce a new and fresh cuisine that's delicious, never boring and always engaging. Dishes range from BBQ seitan enchiladas, to rosemary tofu skewers, to rice tempura tofu cakes.

We are a progressive establishment committed to living in harmony with the planet. One important aspect of this commitment is to raise consciousness relating to the hemp plant. Industrial hemp is a highly nutritious food and a practical source of fiber, paper pulp, board and cloth.

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This place looks like a generic American diner, but has an edge to it. For one thing, they serve their tea in lovely, tiny black kettles; for another, they have more than a few vegan options.

We had tofu tacos which can be made vegan if you omit the tartar sauce. I wasn't blown away by these; the tofu was bland, as it had no seasoning, and the pico de gallo was weak.

We also had the BBQ seitan over rice, which was okay, but I thought the BBQ sauce was generic and tasted sugary and more ketchup-esque. I think either a chili garlic sauce or a marinara sauce would have been better.

The service was extremely friendly and helpful; they had no issues with us asking questions about ingredients and checking on what's vegan and what's not (they even made sure that the tortilla for the taco was vegan).

Galaxy Global Eatery is a decent joint if there are no other options, but for brunch, I'd rather go to Sacred Chow.

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I decided to try Galaxy Global Eatery because it's one of the few vegan-friendly restaurants that serves brunch before 11 AM on weekends.

I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of vegan options that I found: tofu scramble, blueberry pancakes, tempeh bacon, rosemary tofu skewers, a tempeh "BLT," vegan caesar salad with cornmeal crusted tofu, BBQ buffalo seitan, tofu soft tacos, a hemp veggie burger and some interesting salads.

I ended up ordering a vegan version of the blueberry pancakes with a side of tempeh bacon. The blueberry pancakes came with a minted berry compote, which was my favorite part of the meal. The tempeh bacon was crispy and delicious (but, thankfully, didn't resemble bacon too closely).

The service was quick and our waitress very attentive. I definitely plan to return next time that I'm in the area.

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Union Square


Irving at 15th Street.



$$ - average


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Rosemary tofu skewers with roasted red pepper sauce and grilled papaya

Rosemary tofu skewers with roasted red pepper sauce and grilled papaya

image for Galaxy Global Eatery BBQ seitan and grilled corn image for Galaxy Global Eatery image for Galaxy Global Eatery


8am - 2:30am
8am - 3:30am
8am - 1:30am

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