Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Indianapolis, Indiana


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Their vegan dolmades are delicious!

Last time I was there the vegan shepherd's pie was no longer listed on the menu, but perhaps you can still get it by request.

There are still plenty of vegan options however, plus some very good beer.

rating star

This was one of the few Indianapolis restaurants that mentioned having vegetarian items on their menu, so we visited it on a recent trip. The bar serves only wine and beer, but has an extensive beer selection, both brewed on location and from other microbreweries. There were several menu items to choose from, both vegan and vegetarian. We tried the beer cheese crock appetizer - OK, but not great. As entrees, we had the Drunken Tortellini (excellent) and the Spinach Ravioli (good, but not great). The staff is very friendly and we were treated to an up-close magic show by "Trinity," who appeared to be a regular. He amazed a table full of sceptics. Overall, it was a very good meal in a town not always veg*n friendly.

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