Leonor's Mexican and Vegetarian Restaurant

Los Angeles, California


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Of the 3 Leonor's locations this is my favorite. The staff is friendly. The food is always fresh and delicious. Very family friendly atmosphere.

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It is pretty well-established that their "vegan" chicken actually contains egg whites. I ate there once, under the impression that it was vegan, and was thoroughly unimpressed. The food was incredibly bland, and I've had much better mock chicken that actually WAS vegan.

They wouldn't have such a low rating if they just told the truth about the chicken. Lacto-ovo vegetarians could come here without being suspicious about any other ingredients they might be lying about, and vegans would just say, "Well, I can't eat the chicken, bummer."

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Leonor's is awesome. If you are a strict vegan, maybe not. But if you're just an awesome vegetarian like me, it rules fools. All you have to do is add some salt if its bland. Its true, its un-salty. But its awesome. Cabbage and avocados galore. The salads are a good bargain. The fake cheese is super yummy. Did I say avocados? There is no place like Leonor's. I have to say, if you don't like it, you might be a fool of some kind. I can only really endorse the one on Victory, where Leonor works. She is awesome, a total tuffy. Thanks to you the Valley doesn't totally suck.

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I'm sad to hear about what happened to other diners at this restaurant. Hopefully my good experience there is indicative of a change in staff or training. I ate there for the first time the other day, and was very pleased. The food was yummy, and the waitress was very polite. We were served promptly, and my lunch partner and I both ate everything on our plates. I love the combination of vegetarian/Mexican/Bolivian food - so L.A.! I'll return again.

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I have been dining at Leonor's religiously for years because it is the only "vegetarian" restaurant around and because the menu choices are so diverse and good. I have dined there despite a noticeable lack of cleanliness and an extremely rude staff. However, recent events have caused me, my family, and my friends to never dine there again.

First, the staff is extremely rude. This is the first time I have experienced reverse racism but if one would like to find out what it feels like to be discriminated against for being white, go to Leonor's. The hispanic staff caters to Mexican or Spanish-speaking patron and often mocks other guests or ignores them altogether, despite the fact that we tip very well... upwards of 40% in some cases.

I ordered a dish without beans and they charged me $1.25 to take the beans OUT. They didn't do that to my hispanic friend who ordered quite a complex meal with several additions.

One time there was a large insect in my salad and I showed it to the waitress who picked it out with her hands and said, "It's just a bee." She then charged me $3.50 because she said I ate a few bites of my food and was going to charge me for the portion I ate.

On another occasion, the last straw, my friend drank the flax seed tea and had to run to the bathroom to vomit. A staff member had spit phlegm into the bottom of the beverage. It was absolutely disgusting.

The staff there goes beyond just being rude; they are aggressively angry and mean to many patrons who have never complained or caused them any grief. The restaurants are filthy and unsanitary. I wouldn't consider this an organic or safe environment for diners, especially those with children or those with compromised immune systems. Please beware.

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The lentil soup is delicious and the food is fresh. But, the service is usually lacking. The employees seem unwilling to answer whether an item is vegan or not. The North Hollywood location is a better choice.

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Not to be confused with the original North Hollywood location, this restaurant has most of the same menu, but none of the reasons to return.

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