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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Many vegan options, very large portions, inexpensive, and delicious. Very friendly and helpful staff, and it is always great for me to find another vegan place in St. Paul, as our options are not quite as extensive as those for Minneapolis residents.

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My husband and I end up here most weekends for lunch, The food is great, the vegetables are fresh and they have a ton of vegan / vegetarian options. The owners are really friendly and the service is quick.

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I've had some really unique and good food here.
The bean curd roll is really good, something I've never seen anywhere else. I would recommend the salt and pepper bean curd roll appetizer and the sesame bean curd roll dinner. The people here are very nice and it's locally owned and operated.

Update: I was in getting take out today and the owner said they are adding some new veg. items to the menu soon: homemade wonton soup and spring rolls. She gave me a one of the spring rolls with my order to try & it was fabulous. Definitely one of the best I've had. You can really tell the food here is homemade. Check this place out!

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E Noodle has a large selection of vegetarian (all vegan) items, from the standard mock duck stiry frys to more unusual dishes such as curry tofu and also Korean and Japanese dishes. This is not your average strip-mall Chinese take-out joint.

I was particularly impressed with their pearl tofu tender, which is a high grade tofu baked and served with colorful vegetables. I chose black pepper garlic sauce to go with it and what a dish it was. The service is prompt and friendly and the owner went out of her way to emphasize that all the vegetarian dishes are vegan at E Noodle. Prices are low ($6 for a lunch plate, $10 for a take-out quart) and portion sizes are large. I would definitely go back. My only gripe is that they're far away in an isolated area of the Twin Cities and that they still serve meat. Otherwise, E Noodle stands out for its taste, quality and unusual dishes.

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E noodle is one of our favorite places in the Saint Paul area. We eat there on every trip back to the area. The vegetarian fish and tofu tenders are great. With so many choices, find the sauce and protein you enjoy to get the best meal.

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I wanted the mock duck noodle soup, but they were out of mock duck. So I opted for the miso-tofu noodle soup stuff. I love the fact that they kept the broth separate from the veggies/noodles/tofu for my to go order. The owner/cook was extremely friendly, too.

But the food? Blah. Seriously, I wound up throwing most of it away, which I *never* do. I simply did not enjoy it at all. The noodles were gross, the broth was not tasty. The broccoli was good and the different seaweed was interesting. I also had the crispy fried Teriyaki tofu appetizer, which was edible but average or below average as far as fried tofu goes.

I really, *really* want to try this place again to have a different dish and different appetizer. So many other people have enjoyed this place, I want to give it another go. But for now, I give this place a 3, only for the sweet Teriyaki sauce and fresh veggies.

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So many good vegan options and the new menu has even more. Excellent noodle soup. Friendly service and rarely crowded. You should go there tonight!

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One of the best veggie places in the Midwest. They cater to the nonmeat eater and have a veggie only menu. Husband and wife team always innovating and trying new things. For adventurous eaters much more creative then other Asian eateries.

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This place is interesting, as some of the dishes are fantastic, and some are a little weird. My favorites are the appetizers, including the salt and pepper bean curd rolls, which are deep fried tofu rolls of tofu skin with basil, salt, and pepper.

I also really like the black pepper sauce tofu, though it is incredibly strong in black pepper flavor, and may turn some folks off. The udon noodle soup is a good dish as well. Other dishes are a little weird to my tastes, or just too light, like the basil sauce dishes.

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This place is AWESOME!

The vegan food is spectacular and unique. The owners are super friendly and are willing to make special dishes on request.

Our favorite items are the vegetarian fish, happy four bean goods and the gluten roll. The salt and pepper bean curd roll appetizer is amazing.

Check it out!

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Fantastic and creative food, great service, quiet place. The price is average and well worth it. Most (all?) of the vegetarian dishes are vegan, and they have an extensive selection of choices.

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