Cinnamon Vegetarian

Los Angeles, California


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Sadly, the food looks better than it tastes. It's a little wooden and bland. The staff are very sweet and the venue is clean and spacious, which in in-congruent with the outside which is more like the rest of the neighborhood - faded, rusty, and depressing.

However, I do see potential in this establishment, but it will need to re-evaluate their spices or lack thereof and invest in making the outside presentation new and inviting.

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This place has improved a hundred fold and I've become a regular. The food is incredibly tasty, the presentation is always beautiful. Their vegan salmon dish looks as though it comes from a fancy gourmet restaurant. The people who work there are very kind and very sincere. The service is a bit slow, but that in no way takes away from the overall experience as long as you're not in a hurry. Creating beautiful, tasty food takes time and Cinnamon Vegetarian is worth it.

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I really want to rate Cinnamon higher but the food is always "just ok." I love the idea behind the menu, the service is fair, its just kind of whatever all around. I've tried the daiya quesadilla with spinach, the carnitas veggie burrito, the empanadas, all of the tacos, the salmon entree, and the chicken fajitas, all on different occasions and nothing has blown my socks off. I want to support all veggie restaurants as much as possible so it really pains me not to rate it excellent. :(

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I've never had a problem with the service here. Yeah, they may not be the quickest, but they're always friendly. The food's good, always fresh, and certainly filling.

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The service is awful. We never know if they will be open when we get there. The waitress we normally get seems as though she's trying to make things more difficult than they need to be (subbing tofu for eggs for example is not worth the effort) but she does so with a smile.

That being said, the food is generally very good. Although the consistency leaves one not knowing what exactly will be on the plate when it arrives, it is always quite tasty.

And I dream of the chicken mole. yum.

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The restaurant is tucked into an area in Highland Park where you wouldn't expect to see a veggie/vegan restaurant. The food is okay but oddly enough the service is horrible. You come in and pretty much have to get your own menu and then it might take a while to get someone to take your order...when they do you might find out that some things you were thinking of ordering aren't available for the day. The food wasn't bad at all but I'm not sure if the owners have no experience in the restaurant business but when you do get their attention they are nice.

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