Organic Harvest Cafe

Manhattan, New York City


rating star

The Organic Harvest Cafe is amazing, in my opinion the best veg-dining option in its area. The menu is incredibly diverse and creative, and the food is delicious. And it's all organic! The restaurant has a few meat items, but it is overwhelmingly vegan. There are also juices and smoothies. Some menu items include the Quinoa Conqueror Salad, Non-Dairy Eggplant Parm, Santa Fe Crepes, Tempeh Reuben, Seitan Enchiladas, Macro Platter, Indian Platter, Indonesian Wrap, Seaweed Salad, etc. Great desserts like the Carob Brownie or Blueberry Tofu Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Props to Owner Mark Mager!!

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