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I’ve visited Souen many times for many years. It is where I go for a “square” macrobiotic meal. I know it is simple, simple, and simple. Good miso soup keeps me warm during the winter. The vegan sushi is deliciously simple. Of course steam vegetables, rice and beans with a little pickled vegetable makes a real square macrobiotic meal, and many times that’s all I want.

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Everyone is always raving about Souen so I figured I had to try it. I thought the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful and inviting, but I wasn't impressed with the food. In fact, I was disappointed with my meal, but perhaps that was because based on friends' experiences, I was expecting it to be the best meal I've ever have.

My friend and I sat upstairs, right at the gate that overlooks the main floor. I absolutely loved this location, as it was like an indoor balcony, allowing us to see everything that was going on both upstairs and downstairs, while not freezing outside. :) This place is cute, cozy, and inviting, and I'm hoping that I just happened to have a super average meal here. I do plan on returning.

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Souen is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in NYC. The food is well-prepared, healthy macrobiotic cuisine. Some of the dishes are mildly flavored, but you can taste that this is good food, and that is has been prepared with care. The environment is peaceful and calming, with lots of plants inside. I recommend the faux chicken parmesean... but most everything I have had there is satisfying, especially if you want to leave feeling healthy. :)

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