Golden Palace Chinese Buffet

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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My husband and I LOVE this place! I have never been disappointed by the food or the services. The sesame tofu and the general tso's potatoes are my favorite things on the buffet.

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Expect to get that post-Chinese-buffet-guilt feeling after eating here. You know, that "I didn't just force-feed myself seven plates of THAT, did I?" feeling.

The food here is about as good as you could ask for. When the Sesame Tofu is fresh and hot, it is quite good. Sometimes, there will be just a half-scoop of very old, crusty tofu left and the owners will walk by, stir it, but for some reason choose NOT to refill the pan. Eventually I started getting bold and asking them to please bring out more tofu, and they didn't seem too offended. Also, if you eat there enough, as I did one year as a poor college student living kitchenless in a dorm, they'll start to recognize your face and start cooking tofu as soon as you walk in the door.

The fried mushrooms are supposedly vegan, as are the chinese donuts. You decide if you want to believe them.

For the price, this place a decent deal, since it's all you can eat - I would usually eat enough tofu alone to justify the $7. That said, I haven't eaten there in at least 12 months, and I think my digestive tract is thankful for that.

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