Bangkok Balcony

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Bangkok Balcony is my favorite place to eat in Squirrel Hill. The food is excellent (many vegan options), the service is usually quite good, and the atmosphere is casual but very clean and nice. I've been there so many times that I've had all of the vegan options, so I wish they'd update their menu. They have a "specials" menu that changes more frequently, but the items are mostly non-vegan. If you haven't been there as many times as myself, this doesn't really matter though! The green curry is phenomenal. Also, be sure to ask for brown rice. They charge you a bit for it, but it's excellent.

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Went with another family, everyone shared and liked food. Was willing to be careful to make sure certain dishes were gluten-free (even no soy sauce that has wheat) for one person. Good time all around, if you are in the mood for Thai / don't want to go down the street to Hunan Kitchen.

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