Lemon Grass Cafe

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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I had high hopes for this place, as restaurants are sparse and mostly lousy Downtown (they know they have a captive market in 9-5 office workers).

The service was slow. The food was $4 more expensive than any other south east Asian restaurant. My guest and I tried the lemon grass soup, figuring a soup we like to begin with must be great at a restaurant named the Lemon Grass Cafe. Picture a bowl packed full of whole mushrooms, with some canned tomato broth poured between the cracks. It wasn't like any lemon grass soup I've had anywhere else, and I honestly don't believe lemon grass was involved in the preparation at all.

We were so put off by the soup, the waitress, and the prices that we left right away. I curse the downtown workers and evening theater crowd for keeping this place afloat.

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This place does decent Thai food, but is nothing special. Service was decent.

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