The Healthy Bread Store: Dave's Killer Bread

Portland, Oregon


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Dave's killer bread seems to have some loyal customers for good reasons: it's yummy, healthy, organic, and vegan! My favorite are the 21 Whole Grains and the Blues; they're awesome.

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I happened upon Nuts & Grains through a helpful store clerk at Fred Meyers today. I was creating a sandwich bar, and for a small group didn't want to use both sourdough and multigrain breads. The clerk absolutely loved sourdough but referred this wonderful bread as a happy medium. My lunch meeting was a success. Truly, Dave's Nuts & Grains brought different palates together with something good to say about this one bread. Without a doubt, this has become my new standard sandwich bar bread. Good sales pitch. I would never have gone to the health food section had it not been for the store clerk who recently had a sample through his job. I had a pivotal experience today.

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