Black Sheep Bakery

Portland, Oregon


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from what i could tell, from the day-old muffins we of each flavor: cornmeal blueberry, multigrain cranberry, the smart, and pumpkin...they were pretty good! a little dry, but thats to be expected. the multigrain is the moistest and really great; the smart seemed the driest and kind of bland, and the other two were just fine :)

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Very good baked goods, one of my top two favorite vegan places in town (just under Piece of Cake). The German chocolate cupcake is so good. Their coffeecake is great, too. I was never a coffeecake eater before. They have a retail place where you can go get food, baked and regular, during business hours. The vegan option is always good, soup is really good too. But oddly they serve a meat option, very strange for an all-vegan bakery. Otherwise, great food.

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I had some of their muffins at the Animal Law conference at Lewis & Clark and they were very yummy! I was also thrilled to see their booth at the Portland Farmers Market. They have such a large selection! It took me about 15 minutes to pick something. I tried the macaroon (a little weird but good), the chocolate hazelnut bread pudding (very good as a breakfast treat), and a fruit thing that was super super yummy!

About a year ago, I was very excited to give this vegan bakery a try (don't the pictures look amazing?!) and I emailed them to find out how much a cake would cost, hoping to order a vegan birthday cake. But they never got back to me! :-(

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Amanda of Black Sheep Bakery is the REAL THING! Her ingredients are pure, and her recipes are wildly creative. Unlike some other vegan pastry, her's is balanced in flavor and worth every calorie. You will never go into sugar shock, and everything is moist as well as flavorful. She's very accommodating, preparing special orders for weddings, office affairs, private parties, etc. I'd go to Black Sheep Bakery even if I were not a vegan.

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