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District of Columbia, USA


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I was excited about Harmony Cafe: they seemed to have a ton of options and the prices are very reasonable (about $4.50/dish at lunch and $7.50 at dinner). But I shared a veggie cashew chicken dish and a Mongolian veggie beef dish with Greg (see his review below) and I was also disappointed by them. They seemed to be made with big chunks of TVP. They were also fairly flavorless. The cashew chicken was also supposed to be spicy but it wasn't at all.

I'm giving this place a 6 though because I really really liked the crunchy shiitake mushroom appetizer (everything about it was great: the flavor, the texture and the price: only $2.50!) and the fried banana with sesame seeds dessert (which was also quite yummy and only $1.50). I guess I would go back and just order these two dishes. It'd be a great nice little dinner for $4.

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Avoid the mock meats. The chicken and the beef, at least, were just bland, tasteless chunks of TVP. The only redeeming point of our dinner was the shiitake mushroom appetizer.

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My only complaint with Harmony Café is it's so difficult to pick what to eat because there are so many choices.

Both fake meat dishes I tried - a Singapore Curry Pork dish and Shrimp Dumplings - were fantastic. I didn't try the fake fish yet, but will next time I go, since that's such a rare find.

Harmony Café is also fairly cheap - the average entrée running about $7.50.

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