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I enjoyed eating here with a friend, who is not vegetarian but ate veg with me. I don't know how to distinguish the food here with almost all the other Ethiopian food I've eaten, so it seems like the standard good food I enjoy. The service was fine, nothing notable, and the atmosphere was bright and the location convenient.

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Some of the best food I've ever had. The only drawback is the service (inattentive at best). But the sampler was enough for two people to stuff themselves. Yum.

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Absolutely delicious Ethiopian food and good portions. I was really happy that they're open late and that they are able to accommodate a large group (large seeting area downstairs), although the service was really slow.

I always get the vegetarian platter here that comes with yellow split peas, red lentils, greens, tomato salad, potato salad, green beans, and potato/cabbage/carrot mix. My favorite is the potato salad. It's slightly light a tart, but I haven't seen it at too many Ethiopian restaurants and it compliments the other dishes well.

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I ordered the sampler vegetarian platter which was quite good. The food was different than what I am used to: there was nothing spicy and a number of the dishes seemed sweeter. I really liked this actually and I would certainly like to eat it again! However, the two-person platter was smaller and more expensive that what I am used to ($22). I'd rather go to Lalibela, which has great food for a much cheaper price.

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I've eaten at Meskerem twice and was very happy.

First, I was happy with how late they were open.

Second, I was happy with the portions, they'll definitely fill you up.

And last, the food was some of the best Ethiopian I've had. The Shiro Wat in particular was great - definitely the best I've found anywhere.

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